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Expansion of the Cell Dynamics and Genomics Research Group

The Cell Dynamics and Genomics Research Group organizes a bi-monthly seminar with the goal of enabling interactions across the laboratories that study cellular, molecular, and developmental biology. The hour-long seminar are provided by one person from or hosted by a laboratory within the group. Seminars are of two types:

1. Research talks with emphasis on completed work or experiments in progress. Presentations are provided using Keynote or Powerpoint and should be 30 minutes of interruptible material (or 50 minutes of less interruptible material for practice job talks).

2. Chalk talks with emphasis on scientific method for a single planned experiment or very closely related experiments. Alternatively, chalk talks could be used to provide an overview of questions, specific aims for grants, off the wall ideas, etc.. Presentations are provided using whiteboard visual aids ONLY (i.e., NO projected materials).

Tracy strongly advocated for the expansion of the CDGRG to include non-traditional fields and models with the goal of providing greater diversity and breadth to the seminars and discussions. CDGRG now includes around 16 participating laboratories from across schools at UVa.


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