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When joining the Larson lab, undergraduate students are encouraged to first establish an intellectual understanding of the biological underpinnings of the various research questions in the lab. Students are then carefully paired with projects and lab mentors that accommodate both their intellectual curiosities, their time availability to dedicate to research, and their timeline to graduation. The goal of the Larson lab for undergraduate students – and all lab members – is to teach students how to access the technical and intellectual resources required to become autonomous scientists, while also providing opportunities for career building. As such, undergraduate students from the Larson lab are provided mentorship that allows them to develop skills and portfolios that facilitate transition towards becoming medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, scientists, professional musicians, among other career paths of interest.

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Working in the lab

From the bench in Charlottesville, Virginia to the field in Eastern Washington State, we dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of research quality and strive to make significant impacts on our immediate and broader communities. We act with compassion, accountability, and integrity to grow as scientists, as individuals and as a group. We are committed to making our communities more inclusive and providing the necessary resources, tools, and opportunities to build scientific and community leaders. For more on our community work, visit our Community page.

Lab Code of Conduct
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