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Creation of the Biology Outreach and Inclusion Program

The Department of Biology graduate students have formed a club to promote outreach activities in the local and regional communities (originally called BOP, Biology Outreach Program). Tracy is partnering with the club to now include the Reciprocal Visits inclusion initiative initially envisioned as a separate entity. The now-called, Biology Outreach and Inclusion Program (BOIP) aims to establish enduring relationships between the University of Virginia Department of Biology and public institutions in our local and regional communities.

We aim to nurture an excitement for inquiry-based science through outreach programs including SPI-BOIP virtual classroom visits, science tutoring, and visits to our department by local primary and secondary schools.

We are working to create an equitable infrastructure of support for career building opportunities and scientific collaborations through inclusion programs including the Reciprocal Visits Program.

Tracy has created a website to serve as a hub for all of the outreach and inclusion initiatives in the Department of Biology including those of BOIP but also independent programs from around the department. We are excited to launch the site in the near future!

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1 Comment

Tracy Larson
Tracy Larson
Dec 03, 2020

We officially launched our new website!! Visit at

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